100% Grass Fed Beef

ASH-Free & Humanely Raised

Our herd of beef cattle are all born and raised on our Six Ridges Farm in Paris, Kentucky with an emphasis on humane cattle farming.  All the beef we sell are ASH-Free (which means Antibiotic, Steroid and Hormone Free) and is raised on a 100% grass-fed diet via rotational grazing practices.

Under the direction of owner and farmer Brian McGuire, our herd is bred to be drought and heat tolerant and always humane treated with a focus on sustainable farming and humane welfare practices.

Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished

Our herd is not only grass-fed but also grass-finished, which means our cattle are not finished on grain to artificially fatten up the herd prior to harvest, but each animal is also finished on pasture.  Why is this important?

The grass-fed cow, which eats from a pasture and is not finished on a diet of grains and supplements for rapid weight gain, is said to be (1) better for the planet (less energy goes into growing grass than grain); (2) better for the beef eater (less overall fat, and more omega-3’s and other “good” fats); and (3) better for the cow (critics decry feedlot practices as inhumane).

How it’s processed

We use Central Kentucky Meats, located in Liberty KY,  as our processor because they are local, come highly recommended and they use Certified Humane practices as well.

All meat is inspected by the USDA during harvest and at the time of packaging.  The meat is boneless, vacuum packed and flash frozen at the processor.

Where to Buy

You can order our grass-fed beef online and pick up at our Farm Store. We can also deliver for a $5.00 fee if delivering to Bourbon County, Clark County, Scott County, Madison County, Fayette County, Jessamine County and Woodford County of Kentucky.

We will deliver to the Louisville and Cincinnati area’s for a $10 delivery fee.