Three Unappetizing Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef

organic grass fed beefGrassfed beef is actually significantly more healthy for you than grain fed beef. But how does grass and grain make so much of a difference regarding the health of the meat you’re consuming?

It can actually make a huge difference for your health. Here are three unappetizing reasons why you should stop eating grain fed beef and make the trade to grass fed beef.

  • Grass fed beef has more nutritional value
    If you’re eating beef in order to get a good source of protein, it’s best to stay away from grain fed beef. A six-ounce steak from a grain fed cow typically has 100 calories more than a six-ounce steak from a grass fed cow. Grass fed meat is also up to six times higher in good fat (omega-3s) than grain fed meat while also being low in saturated fat, which can clog your arteries.


  • A grass fed cow lives a happier life
    Grass fed beef is leaner and healthier because the cows that eat grass for the duration of their lives aren’t likely to suffer from disease or growth problems. Grain fed cows, on the other hand, are less likely to grow from the poor nutritional value that grain provides. Therefore, farmers who raise their cows on grain are forced to use hormones in order to bulk up their cows for beef.Additionally, the low nutritional value of grain and the unlikelihood of these cows having been able to graze in an open pasture causes these cows to fall ill and therefore are often treated with antibiotics, which are then passed on into the meat you’re eating.


  • Grass fed beef tastes better
    Grass fed cows typically eat a series of grasses, not just one kind of grass. They eat clovers, shrubs, rushes, sedge, and true grasses in addition to standard grass. This diverse diet helps to increase the taste of the beef. In contrast, grain fed beef that has been given only one source of food is often bland tasting or unmemorable according to a study by the Huffington Post.

Grass fed beef is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also significantly more healthy than grain fed beef. By eating ASH-free grass fed beef, you can be sure that you’re getting the right kind of protein you need without any assisting, harmful hormones or antibiotics.