Organic Snacks That Have Your Back: Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky

organic beefMany American families have been turning to organic food for healthier meals. However, non-organic packaged snacks typically enjoyed by adults and kids alike can contain the same unhealthy qualities of other non-organic foods.

If you would only eat organic beef, why would you consider eating non-organic beef jerky? Beef jerky is surprisingly high in artificial hormones, which can cause a number of health risks. But this doesn’t mean you need to get rid of one of your favorite snacks.

Here are five of the most common and major health benefits eating organic beef jerky can offer you and your family:

    1. Lots of healthy Omega-3s
      Grass fed organic beef is is low in saturated fat (bad fat) and is high in Omega-3 fatty acids (good fat). In fact, organic meat contains two to six times more Omega-3s than non-organic. Omega-3s are heart-healthy fats and are also great for improving mental health. It’s also said that switching to organic, grass fed beef is one way to immediately lower your risk of heart attack.


    1. Reduces the risk of cancer
      The Omega-3s in organic beef jerky aren’t only good for cardiac health. They also help to reduce the risk of cancer because they help the healthy development of your entire body’s cells. Healthy cell development and reproduction means a lower risk of abnormal cell division.


    1. Better for healthy weight loss
      Organic grass fed beef and organic meats are typically better for weight loss because they’re leaner. This means they’re low in fat and therefore lower in calories. Therefore, you won’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing your health the next time you dig into a bag of organic jerky.


  1. All the benefits of lean meat
    What an animal eats largely determines the nutrients of the meat. Grain fed beef is largely fatty and contains a high number of hormones and antibiotics. However, grass fed meat has the same nutrients and lean meat as deer. Therefore, by eating organic meat and snacks like beef jerky, you get all the benefits of lean meat such as lower cholesterol levels without the danger of red meat.

It’s great for the environment and your health to choose organic food from Kentucky farms that practice sustainable farming practices. However, when you go shopping for snacks be sure to choose healthy, organic, grass fed options to keep your body strong and your family happy.