100% Grass Fed

Our cattle are all born and raised on our farm.  We do not buy off the commodity market.  Our heard has been bred to be more drought and heat tolerant and built to finish on pasture.

The cattle are monitored, those not meeting standards are culled and sold.  Cattle are not given antibiotics or steroids.  Steers and heifers are raised and finished on premium perennial pastures of bluegrass, orchard grass, red clover, white clover and alfalfa.  We also use a mosaic of summer and winter annuals.  Legumes provide nitrogen and grasses to hold the soils structure.

Our Protocols:

cattle7Grass-Fed – 100% grass-fed diet via rotational grazing practices.  During the winter months, they are supplemented with high quality stored grasses as needed.  Animals are provided Free-choice minerals.

No Hormones or Steroids – Our animals are never given steroids or added hormones.

No Antibiotics – Antibiotics are not used as part of our standard production practices.  However, if an animal becomes ill or injured and requires antibiotics, they will be provided.  That animal will be pulled from our local harvesting and will be sold via the local stock yards.