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Organic Snacks That Have Your Back: Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky

Many American families have been turning to organic food for healthier meals. However, non-organic packaged snacks typically enjoyed by adults and kids alike can contain the same unhealthy qualities of other non-organic foods. If you would only eat organic beef, why would you consider eating non-organic beef jerky? Beef jerky is surprisingly high in artificial […]

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Choosing Organic: How You Can Help The Environment Just By Eating Right

Up to 94% of Americans agree that it’s important for farms to have measures in place to ensure the safety of food consumption. Despite this high percentage, many Americans are still choosing to eat non-organic food. Whether or not you want to make any changes to your overall diet, choosing to eat organic food is […]

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Three Unappetizing Reasons To Switch To Grass Fed Beef

Grassfed beef is actually significantly more healthy for you than grain fed beef. But how does grass and grain make so much of a difference regarding the health of the meat you’re consuming? It can actually make a huge difference for your health. Here are three unappetizing reasons why you should stop eating grain fed beef and […]

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Homemade Corned Beef Brisket

I follow the Wellness Mama.  This week she posted a Homemade version of Corned Beef Brisket, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!  This is a re-post of her recipe.  Her full blog, including why you should stay away from store made Corned Beef can be found here. This needs to brine for 5 days, […]

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Why Grassfed Beef is Better …

Grassfed beef is better for the animals, the environment and you. Pasture Based Farming Our grassfed animals live low-stress lives.  They are not confined to a feedlot, they graze on grasses native to their diet.  Each field has an ample clean water supply. Our rotational grazing allows the farm to heal.  The cattle provide natural […]